2020 Toyota GR Supra

Auto Torque Servicing and Tuning Packages – GR Supra Specialists

Since taking delivery of the 2020 GR Supras at Auto Torque we have been busy studying the cars in great detail.

First on the agenda was to test drive them on some twisty country lanes to understand the stock power and handling characteristics.

They are already a very balanced car, with almost perfect 50/50 weight distribution front to rear and very well suited to our UK roads.

Following this, we wanted to measure what power they produced on the dyno, so multiple power runs in stock form were carried out and a GPS timed ‘Draggy’ run to capture performance metrics.

Straight from the dealership the Supra produces an impressive 361 BHP & 386 FT/LBS of torque! A great starting point for the new era of the Supra.

Here’s a selection of photos from the first few days of ownership to show what we have been up to.

Stage 1 Tuning Package – AT460

Release an astonishing 100 +BHP from you GR Supra with the AT Stage 1 tune,This comprises of a PiperCorss panel air filter and a custom AT tune including software licences and rolling road power run and print out. Not only does it hike up the power out put but transforms the driveability and throttle response to the next level. Pops and crackles available also to enhance that exhaust note on lift off and throttle blips.

£699 +vat

Standard power graph below:

AT Stage 1 power graph below:

Stage 2 Tuning Package – AT500+

This package comprising of our hand build 4″ AT down pipe, Forge Hard induction pipe and the PiperCross panel filter, All this and the magic of the Auto Torque Stage 2 custom remap will see power figures in excess of 500 BHP! The optional aggressive pops and crackles map is available with this tune, which is super enhanced with the PPF removed and the AT down pipe installed.

£1497 +vat

Auto Torques 4″ down pipe PPF delete, hand crafted in the UK with a lifetime warranty

Stage 3 Tuning Package – AT550 +

If you looking for the ultimate power gains before turbo replacement and forged engine build we recommend the DeCAT pipe and a Ethanol race fuel tune, running a mixture form as little as E35 we have tried and tested maps producing power figures of 550bhp +