Evo X SST uprated clutch packs – Now offered

Evo X SST up rated clutch packs – now offered We are more frequently seeing lazy Evo X gear shifts and clutch pack judder symptoms. A simple SST oil and filter can sometimes vastly improve this but not in all cases. Unfortunately it can come down to the clutch packs being worn to excess. Here is a job we did Continue Reading...
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Auto Torque’s Evo X AYC Relocation Kit Is Here!!

Auto Torque are pleased to announce a new product designed in house, for the relocation of the Evo X AYC pump from its original location, to the boot space. The benefit of this upgrade is moving the pump away from ingress of road dirt and grime, which eventually lead to pump failure meaning a costly replacement of the unit. Many Continue Reading...
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Auto Torques exclusive premium car wax Launched!

Auto Torques/Bouncers exclusive premium car wax Bouncer’s ‘Eregansu’ ( Japanese for Elegance/Beauty ) – is an exclusive collaboration wax with Autotorque, the UK’s authoritive Japanese Car Specialists. Over 6 months in development, This special blend wax has been commissioned to create a fluid, wet gloss on vehicles of all colours. Bouncer’s ‘Eregansu’ Car Wax applies without a fuss and buffs Continue Reading...
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