October special – Free Winter Check

October special – Free Winter Check


Auto Torque are offering you a free winter check, whether you are an existing customer or you to Auto Torque we are happy to inspect your car for FREE. You need the car to be in tip top condition for weather ahead of us..

As part of the Auto Torque free Winter health check you will get:-
Check operation of all lights
Check engine oil level
Check power steering fluid level
Test antifreeze for freezing point
Check brake fluid level
Check tyre tread depths and tyre condition
Check for play in all suspension arms and joints
Check for body corrosion, underseal protection and rot
Check brakes for condition and hose security
Check tyre pressures
Test battery for condition and acid levels
Screen wash refill
Free cup of tea!

If you require any work to remedy problems they can done at a very preferential rate.

Every car which comes in for any other work will automatically have the check done.

To book in for the check please email or call us.

2 Responses to "October special – Free Winter Check"

  1. Jose says:

    Hello Chris!

    It’s Jose!

    I just wanted to see when it would be possible to come see you. This Friday or Saturday would be great if you could fit me inn!

    I would like to do the free winter check and for you to possibly have a look around the car and let me know what might need doing!

    Faults I have found so far are:

    My brakes are making a horrible loud whistling noise and I can feel vibration on the steering wheel when braking! Maybe we could get this done ASAP!

    ACD only stays in Tarmac and wont change to gravel or snow. Only Tarmac is illuminated the rest are not.

    I’m also interested in the underbody sealing! and possibly getting my Callipers looking like new!

    Also if anything was to take longer than a day to get sorted I would need to make arrangement as I live in Central London so I’m having to travel very far!

    Thank you again for the other day!

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards,