4 Wheel Laser Alignment


Auto Torque offer you the very finest service for wheel alignment and geometry. With years of experience on race car set-ups, your car is ensured the very best possible attention, to aid better performance, drive quality and tyre longevity.

Our state of the art equipment includes the JohnBean/SnapOn Pro V2200 Laser Image Wheel Aligner. This stunning piece of machinery gives the Auto Torque team a precise indication of the state of the wheel alignment and allows them to make the most precision changes to the geometry of your car.

The geometry of today’s modern vehicles is much more complex, with over 14 primary angles that can be measured and, in most cases, open to adjustment and modification.

The equipment we use is calibrated every 6 months to make sure it’s always 100% accurate. We also use a brand new state-of-the-art low access (low car friendly) 4-post ramps with perfectly flat surface turn tables; enabling the most precise measurements and adjustments possible. We also offer a precision corner weighting service, ensuring the perfect track up set up and well balanced car.

From a simple front toe check all the way through to a full track setup; we can offer a range of adjustment services to suit you – from a race-spec Mitsubishi Evo, all the way through to your day-to-day run around– we’ve seen it all and can offer the best advice on settings for your pride and joy.