GTR – We have in-depth, hands on experience with the Nissan GT-R, having owned and developed each variant from the CBA to the latest EBA model. Whether you are interested in a service or performance upgrade, we can help.


With over 15 years of experience working with the Mitsubishi Evolution range, Auto Torque have the expertise to perform every job with confidence from an AYC pump relocation to a full custom engine build.


We have extensive experience in bringing your Mitsubishi Evolution back to full health with our variety of different options ranging from a basic underseal to a complete nut and bolt restoration.


Since opening our doors in 2007, Auto Torque has established itself as the leading performance car specialist in the South East of England. Auto Torque prides itself on providing high quality performance car servicing and tuning, along with excellent customer service.


All mechanical services are performed by highly qualified & experienced technicians

Nissan GT-R Servicing

The Nissan R35 GT-R like any high performance vehicle requires regular maintenance to ensure the car is performing it’s best and is well protected.

Nissan GT-R Tuning

At Auto Torque we are proud to offer a range of performance upgrades for the Nissan GT-R, each offering a unique, different driving experience.

4 Wheel Laser Alignment

Utilising the very latest technology and Industry leading expertise, Auto Torque offer you the very finest service for wheel alignment and geometry.

Mitsubishi Evo Servicing

With over 15 years working with the Mitsubishi Evolution ranges, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure the highest standards.

Mitsubishi Evo Tuning

Auto Torque have expertly put together performance packages based on the most proven and popular parts in the industry.

Underbody Restoration

We have extensive experience in bringing your beloved Mitsubishi Evo back to full health with our variety of different options for restoration work.


We offer our customers the following additional services to help keep regular maintenance hassle free


Auto Torque are able to offer a fully insured transport service using open or covered trailers covering the whole of the UK with a 24/7 Service  


Auto Torque are proud to offer comprehensive warranty & care plans for your Nissan GT-R, Mitsubishi Evo & Ford Focus RS


We would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us – Send us a Message or give us a call today on 01296 658257


Auto Torque 1000 bhp+ GTR Build

Auto Torque 1000 bhp+ GTR Build

Nissan GTR Forged Engine build - AT1100 Sami came to us with one objective, “make a GTR which is at least 1000hp, that is practical and reliable”. A specification was then tailored for him and his needs, including all the finishing touches and one off colours. First...

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GR Supra 4” Down Pipe

GR Supra 4” Down Pipe

*For immediate release* We are extremely happy and excited to release to the market our Toyota GR Supra 4” downpipe, this is the first of a line of parts we will be releasing to complement and enhance the Supra. Unlock the potential of you’re engine, a typical...

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Audi RS3 – Stage 1 Remap

Audi RS3 – Stage 1 Remap

This stunning Audi RS3 a receiving a Stage 1 remap this morning. Taking it from stock power figures of 367 bhp/465 Nm to a whopping 420 bhp/620Nm of Torque that’s a massive 33% increase in torque!! Increased throttle response and drive-ability makes this the perfect...

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