Nissan R35 GT-R Servicing


The Nissan R35 GT-R, like any high performance vehicle, requires regular maintenance to ensure the car is running at its optimum performance level.

Here at Auto Torque we have in-depth, hands on experience with the GT-R having owned and developed each variant from the CBA through to the latest EBA model. This knowledge, coupled with our investment in the latest equipment, ensures your GT-R is correctly maintained to the highest possible standard. Our large and expanding customer base of GT-R owners is testament to our expertise in maintaining and servicing these high performance vehicles and ensures we are continually working on all models of GT-R, ranging from the latest 2019 track edition to the early R33’s and R34’s.

Auto Torque technicians are trained to handle routine servicing and complex diagnostic procedures, and they have access to the latest diagnostic equipment and servicing tools. We are also proud to be continually developing our own custom processes and performance parts on our own development GT-R. The Auto Torque development car is continually evolving, allowing us to find solutions for the common GT-R issues, whether it be mechanical or electrical. We also test our performance power upgrades and handling packages by regularly visiting race circuits.

At Auto Torque we have put together a service plan for the GT-R’s to offer a specialist, personal service at a fraction of main dealer prices. We always carry stock of all oils and original equipment parts specifically for the GT-R on the shelf. We have invested in the latest equipment to ensure your GT-R is correctly maintained and by using Nissan parts, GT-R owners are able to use independent specialists such as ourselves with peace of mind that your UK factory warranty remains unaffected.

We follow the service plan for the GT-R as recommended by Nissan

Service intervals for the 2008-2010 Nissan GT-R’s are set at every 6,000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes sooner) with the main performance Optimisation Service beginning completed every 12 months or 12,000miles.

The 2011+ Model Year GT-R’s follows a different service schedule which is every 12 months or 9,000 miles (whichever comes sooner).

GTR Service Schedules
MY 08 – MY 10

GTR Service Schedules
MY 11 Onwards


The annual optimisation is a crucial part of the Nissan GT-R’s periodic maintenance. During the optimisation inspection, no parts are changed, but essential adjustments are made to ensure optimal performance, running and efficiency to your GT-R.

Alongside the annual service, the optimisation ensures all the settings are correct, including transmission clutch settings, wheel alignment and engine settings.

Transmission Clutch Settings

Nissan recommends regular inspection and adjustment to the clutches and shift forks as they play a vital part of the GT-R’s overall performance and feel. At Auto Torque we use the latest Nissan Consult 3 Plus diagnostic machine to inspect and adjust the GR6 gearbox. With this software, we are able to improve poor shifting when travelling at low speeds, adjust the clutch biting points and feel along with shift fork adjustments.

Wheel Alignment

Here at Auto Torque, we know that GT-R’s are very sensitive to geometry changes and wheel alignment is a crucial part of the routine maintenance and therefore they should be aligned periodically using the very best equipment. Along with our in-depth knowledge of performance car set up, we can laser align your geometry, ensuring a perfect set up to your vehicle chassis. Custom set up’s are available for fast road use and track set up.

Engine Balancing (MAF Balancing of air flow for left and right banks)

To ensure peak operating conditions of the VR38DETT engine, the two cylinder banks which operate independently need to work in unison to maximise peak performance. Within this optimisation, using our diagnostic equipment, we calibrate each bank accordingly making adjustments and monitoring the MAF, gas sensors and turbo chargers.


During all our maintenance services for the Nissan GT-R’s, we use only genuine Nissan parts and oil that is recommended for these high performance engines and transmission. We carry oil specifically for GT-R servicing, whether it be for a standard GT-R or a highly tuned engine which may require higher performing protection and lubricant properties.

For the GT-R’s GR6 transmission, we use Pentosin FFL4 oil to ensure it performs correctly whilst offering long term protection and reliability.

We replace the differential oils with Castrol Syntrax 75w140. Other options are available for those wanting further protection on the track.

We can customise your service schedules and oil grades depending on year of car and use intended. Track day goers may require additional oil changes, alignment checks and optimisations. Mention this when you visit and we can discuss in more depth your specific requirements.

We also offer Nissan GT-R Tuning Packages and Performance Upgrades. All our tuning packages and performance upgrades are tailored to meet your personal requirements.