Nissan GTR Forged Engine build – AT1100

Nissan GTR Forged Engine build – AT1100
Sami came to us with one objective, “make a GTR which is at least 1000hp, that is practical and reliable”. A specification was tailored for him and his needs, including all the finishing touches and one-off colours.
First up was a strip-down of his original engine to make sure all the major components were reusable, luckily they were.
Once we were happy with the condition of the block, crank, and heads, they all received a deep clean.
One of the essential factors in engine Longevity that is too often overlooked is balancing, which is why we encourage it with every build we do. Being a “V” engine, there is no exact science in working out the counterweights in balancing as there are too many factors to take into account and equate. Because of this, we opted for dynamic balancing with every “V” engine build we carry out. Dynamic balancing is where the pistons and rods are weight matched like usual, but then the engine is assembled with lube, but no piston rings. The engine is then spun up and balanced as a whole rotating mass.
Once back from balancing the components were once again stripped and cleaned, then assembled for the last time.
The HKS 1000+ turbo kit was chosen due to its “factory fit,” again for the longevity.
All the engine covers and inlet manifold finished in Sami’s choice of green.

The Engine Spec:
CP pistons, Carrillo rods, New OE oil pump, New OE water pump, New OE shells, New OE full timing chain kit, New OE gasket set, Full rotating mass dynamically balanced, Supertech springs, Supertech retainers, ARP head studs, ARP main studs, HKS head gaskets, HKS 1000* turbo kit, Turbo smart gates, 4” exhaust AT custom exhaust tips, Boost logic inlet manifold, Boostlogic catch can, Larger billet throttles, ProAlloy intercooler and intake kit, modified to work with boostlogic inlet manifold, AT oil cooler, AT header tank, Silicon hoses, All finished in custom green and black paints


Syvecs S6 plus ECU, Toucan display, KA oil pressure sensor, KA fuel pressure sensor, KA MAP sensor, JTI twin Charge temp sensors, JTI 12 injector harness, K Type EGT sensors Flex fuel sensor, 3port Mac valve.

Fuel system

 Boostlogic tri fuel rails, Boostlogic fuel pressure regulator, 6x standard injectors, 6x ID1600x injectors, PTFE braided an-8 fuel feed lines, Flex fuel sensor, ASNU baby battleship, TI automotive 520 lph fuel pumps.



 Full strip and clean of mechatronic units, Extreme 20 plate clutches with billet baskets and tower, Albins full gear set, including all shafts and drop gears, Extreme FWD shaft and gear, Extreme billet ETS housing and 12 plate ETS clutches, Quaif front diff, Billet front diff housing.

The GTR gearbox is a known weakness once tuning the engine to high levels of power, so to make this car reliable, we over spec’d the box. Like the engine, it was entirely stripped down to make sure the key components were all in a usable state, again they were.

Both mechatronic units were firstly wholly stripped, cleaned, and reassembled. This is not just good for significant power GTR’s, but any Gearbox with a mechatronic unit will benefit from a good clean out, it can improve gear change speed and smoothness.

After the mechatronic units being completed and the casings having been cleaned, the gear set was assembled, along with with with other critical components like the ETS unit, 20 plate clutches, C clips, and drop gears.

The Quaife ATB differential was installed to a new crown wheel and pinion in a billet housing. 

Now the two major components were complete it was time to fit them back up into the car, but not before we added various forms of heat management to crucial areas to reduce heat soak into the cabin and fuel system.

Once the engine and box were back in the car, we set about all the little things that no one notices but are very important, wiring in the extra sensors so we can enable a whole host of safety cuts to prevent costly damages. If the EGT’s get too high, it’ll pull the boost down; if the oil or fuel pressure drops, it will shut down, etc. etc.

All the fuel system installed

Brakes and suspension

After our strict bedding in procedure, we were then ready for tuning. On the dyno, this car made a fraction under 1000hp on 98ron fuel and 1130hp on e85.


g in process we were then ready for tuning. On the dyno this car made a fraction under 1000hp on 98ron fuel and 1130hp on e85.


AP radical big brake kit front and rear, Pagid rs29 pads front and rear, Hosetechnik brake hoses

Wheels and tyres

BC forged 20” HB29 10j and 11jToyo R888r 285/35 and 315/20


KW HLS4 suspension kitSuperpro ARB’s and links


APR GTC500 carbon wing, AT Carbon splitter, Carbon canards Carbon intercooler vent, Carbon bonnet, Carbon skirt extensions, Carbon spats, AT Diffuser fins