Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 Performance and Tuning Packages


Auto Torque have expertly put together Performance Packages based on the most proven and popular parts in the industry for your Mitsubishi Evolution.

The Evo 1 – 9 uses a variation of the 4G63 engine, with subtle changes throughout the years, generally making them stronger each time Mitsubishi has released a new design. The last 4G63 was fitted in the Evo 9 with a different head design, adding the MIVEC variable valve timing.


The Auto Torque stage one is the first stage in unlocking the evo’s true potential. We replace the fuel pump for a upgraded high pressure version, allowing a reliable and sufficient amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine. This will safeguard against any potential failure of the original fuel pump which is likely to be the same age of the car.

We will also replace the OEM boost solenoid to a more controllable 3 port boost solenoid, allowing us to fine tune the boost during the mapping session.

Finally we will replace the original air filter with a HKS panel filter, allowing more air flow through the air box and in to the engine.

Every Auto Torque remap is carried out on a 4 wheel drive dyno, allowing us to safely and accurately carry out the tune. The Evo engine is controlled electronically by the ECU, which is constantly processing information received from all the sensors. The engines fuelling, ignition, timing, boost, torque values etc are all calibrated within the ECU. By reading this information and knowing the modifications the car has, we can edit the relevant tables in the map to keep the engine running at optimal performance. An additional 1 hours labour for the Evo 4-6 fuel pump fitment + (£65+vat)

Stage 1 Package £1043 ex VAT


As stage one above, but increases air intake further by replacing the standard air box with a HKS induction kit and removing the catalytic converter and installing a decat pipe, allowing the exhaust gas to escape quicker. In turn, with a remap, this increases the horse power and torque further. An additional 1 hours labour for the Evo 4-6 fuel pump fitment + (£65+vat)

Stage 2 Package £1375 ex VAT


On the earlier Evo models, we see them struggle to produce the power after a stage 2. To overcome this, we recommend installing an Evo IX turbo which not only replaces the original turbo, which could be at least 14 years old (Evo 8), giving it not only a fresh lease of life but the ability to produce more power. Typically, we tune these cars to run 1.8 bar of boost. Due to the age of these cars, we would advise new coolant and boost hoses along with an alloy radiator and inspection of the clutch as it will be pushing all these components close to the limit if original. An additional 1 hours labour for the Evo 4-6 fuel pump fitment + (£65+vat)

Stage 3 Package £2,632.70 ex VAT


As stage 3 but replacing the cam shafts with Kelford 272 high lift variants. This coupled with the Evo IX turbo, can allow more air in the engine, in turn producing greater horsepower and torque gains. This will be the maximum safe limit we would tune the car to on standard internals. An additional 1 hours labour for the Evo 4-6 fuel pump fitment + (£65+vat)

Stage 4 Package £3,594.94 ex VAT

Pre-Dyno Check

A pre-dyno check is performed on all vehicles prior to a dyno session. Failure to do so can cause less than optimum results and disrupt your session. Maintenance will not be performed on your vehicle while it is strapped on the dyno during your rental session. If service is necessary during a tuning session, it will be charged at the tuning labour rate and will result in additional strap down fees. Pre-Dyno consists of checking spark plug gap, cylinder compression check, fuel pump relay (EVO X £19), road test, full cylinder and intake system smoke check.

Please bring enough fuel for your dyno appointment. If you are having your car tuned, please ensure the fuel tank is FULL, and contains the same grade (octane) fuel you intend to use in the vehicle. We do not carry fuel on-site! If you have special fuel requirements, please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate them.

  • If you already have some of the parts fitted, we can custom build you a specific stage modification to suit your needs.
  • If you are aiming for over 400 BHP we recommend you have the engine forged, we carry out and drop in deal from £1799 +vat

For builds over 400 BHP we offer various turbo choices please call or email for more information.