Mitsubishi Evo X - AYC/ACD Pump Repairs


As experience tells us as each version of the Evolution has been developed unfortunately the AYC pumps have been manufactured on a tighter budget, causing the latest Evo X AYC pumps to be the most common one we see fail. AYC faults are a known problem for many Mitsubishi Evo X owners. We’re seeing more and more cars displaying the dreaded ‘!,AYC light, Service requires symbol’ on the dash display.

A common cause of problems with the Evo X is the Active Yaw control (AYC) pump. The AYC pump commonly corrodes internally, breaking seals and increasing distances between components, which need to be within a fine tolerance for the pump to produce pressure.

But don’t worry, a solution is here! If your car is suffering from low pump pressure or a faulty solenoid we can help.

We offer two options to repair your AYC pump:


Our AYC pump rebuilds use new bearings, new pump sandwich plate and seals etc. All our AYC pump rebuilds are on an exchange basis, and we can also remove and refit the AYC pump from/to your vehicle including bleeding the centre and rear diffs, depending on your model, be it an Evo 10 or a RalliArt (X)

We offer full AYC pump rebuilds on your old unit (POA). There are, however, very few cases where these pumps are beyond repair, so please bear this in mind. If the pump you send us is unserviceable, we will still charge labour for the strip and inspection and postage back to you. We do buy old pumps for parts.

Before sending your pump to us, print and complete our ACD/AYC Pump repair form by clicking the button below:

ACD/AYC Pump Repair Form

Please note that the 3 month warranty period covers only refurbished pumps which receive one of our new upgraded motors. Pumps that get the motor reconditioned, will not receive a warranty.

All Auto Torque rebuilt AYC pumps that are supplied, fitted and relocated (by Auto Torque) to the boot come with a lifetime ownership warranty.

If you’re stuck for time and don’t want your car off the road too long, we also offer a part exchange ‘Drive in drive out’ service.


Simply call us and tell us your preferred booking date (normally 2 -3 weeks waiting time) and we will arrange a time for your new AYC pump to be fitted. This is usually a 2 – 3 hour job, and you can wait and relax in our waiting area. Our drive in, drive out service is a part exchange service, so please be aware that we will keep your old pump.

Evo X & RalliArt Supply & Fitting Costs:

To remove old AYC Pump and fit new, pressure bleed AYC system and replenish the AYC fluid (including cost of Millers AYC fluid).

£1,505.96 + VAT for RalliArt pumps

£1,726.96 + VAT for Evo X pumps

Our Evo X pumps are all fitted with new uprated motors which is one of the common failures on the Evo X pumps. Please note that this pump comes with a 3 month warranty. Reconditioned pumps with rebuilt motors do not come with a warranty.


If you opt for one of out relocation kits installed by us we will offer you a life time warranty on the refurbished pump while the car is in your ownership.

Please call us on 01296 658257 if you would like to discuss this service further.