Mitsubishi Evo X Servicing


The Mitsubishi Evo was developed to take over the rallying world and being such a sophisticated mechanical masterpiece, the Evo requires specialised knowledge and tools to maintain it correctly. At Auto Torque we know how important it is to maintain your Mitsubishi Evo with the detail and care it deserves.

Here at Auto Torque we are experts with the Evolution range, having spent the last fifteen years surrounded by them. We look after and maintain all models and specifications regularly in our Buckinghamshire based workshop. With our ever-growing Lancer Evo customer base we can perform every job with confidence from an AYC pump relocation to a full custom engine build for your Mitsubishi Evo.

Many independent garages don’t have the knowledge or facilities to service the Mitsubishi Evo AYC or ACD, which is an essential part to maintain on a regular basis. We have the latest tools and equipment including the Mitsubishi Mutt III diagnostic tool to service the AYC and ACD to stay on top of those recommended service schedules.

We know that these cars need a fluid service at every 12 months/10,000 miles and we are conscious to keep it as affordable as possible using nothing but the best quality performance fully synthetic oils and genuine filters. Therefore, we have tailor made service packages which run within the manufacturer’s specifications and intervals.

At Auto Torque we have all the latest equipment, experience and know how to carry out specialist services on your Mitsubishi Evo X.


  • Genuine engine Oil Filter
  • Sump Washer
  • Titan Race Pro S 5w40 engine Oil
  • SST Gearbox fluid change (if required – see below. Due at 20,000 miles or 2 years)

  • Millers gear oil (transfer box & gear box)
  • Millers rear diff oil
  • Millers AYC Fluid
  • NGK Spark Plugs (check, regap/replace)
  • Antifreeze (test & replace/top up where necessary)
  • Brake Fluid (test & replace/top up where necessary)
  • Air Filter (Optional)replace or clean panel filter/induction kit
  • Engine Oil Flush (Optional)
  • Fuel Additive Cleaner (Optional)


We offer a full fluid and filter change on the Evo X SST gearboxes. We recommend this, at 20,000 miles or every two years.

This includes: Castrol DIA Queen SSTF gear box oil and a genuine Mitsubishi gearbox oil filter and labour.

We can also carry out a clutch relearn and/or install the latest SST gearbox software using the MUTT III tool.


Evo X Timing chain replacement and oil filter service

The Mitsubishi Evo X suffers from timing chain stretch which is a well known issue. Mitsubishi have revised the timing chain and have released an upgraded version which we are installing to all timing chain replacement jobs. We typically require the vehicle for 48 hours to carry out the labour and allow time for the gasket sealant to cure. We can also reset the timing chain values using out MUT-III tool ensuring that the job is complete.

Fitting of Timing chain, oil pump chain, engine oil and filter change £1,142 + VAT

Parts included:

  • 1 x 1140A073 Timing chain
  • 1 x MN183892 Guide timing chain loose side
  • 1 x 1141A004 Timing chain tension side
  • 1 x MN183894 Tensioner timing chain
  • 1 x MN183895 Sprocket chain driven
  • 1 x MN183896 Oil pump chain
  • 1 x MN183898 Tensioner oil pump chain
  • 1 x MN183897 Guide oil pump chain
  • 5 x litres of Titan Race engine oil Genuine Mitsubishi engine oil filter
  • MUTT III Timing Chain relearn

All the above include Genuine Mitsubishi parts and labour.