Mitsubishi Evo X - Timing chain


The Mitsubishi Evo X suffers from timing chain stretch which is a well-known issue. Mitsubishi have revised the timing chain and have released an upgraded version which we are installing to all timing chain replacement jobs. We typically require the vehicle for 48 hours to carry out the labour and allow time for the gasket sealant to cure. We can also reset all timing chain values using out MUT-III tool ensuring that the job is complete.


Evo X Timing chain replacement and oil filter service

Auto Torque are proud to offer the Evo X timing chain replacement offer:

Fitting of Timing chain, oil pump chain, engine oil and filter change

Parts included:

  • 1 x 1140A073 Timing chain
  • 1 x MN183892 Guide timing chain loose side
  • 1 x 1141A004 Timing chain tension side
  • 1 x MN183894 Tensioner timing chain
  • 1 x MN183895 Sprocket chain driven
  • 1 x MN183896 Oil pump chain
  • 1 x MN183898 Tensioner oil pump chain
  • 1 x MN183897 Guide oil pump chain
  • 5 x litres of Titan Race engine oil Genuine Mitsubishi engine oil filter

All offers include Genuine Mitsubishi parts and labour.

Price: £1,762 + VAT