Mitsubishi Evo X - SST Gearbox Repairs & Upgrades


In 2008 Mitsubishi released the final chapter of the Evolution brand, the Evolution X. For the first time, the Lancer Evolution was supplied with the option of a 6-speed, semi-automatic SST Gearbox. The Getrag transmission found in the Evolution X is a very complex piece of engineering, which we believe requires more frequent maintenance than recommended by Mitsubishi. Repairs and upgrades to these units are one of the most common concerns undertaken on the Evolution X and if you were to visit a Mitsubishi dealer, they would suggest a new transmission should you encounter an issue.


We are pleased to offer comprehensive services to overcome any faults you may have with your SST transmission but it is vitally important to maintain your Evo X to a high standard and regularly replenish the SST fluid with genuine Mitsubishi Dia Queen SSTF. We only use genuine filters and oil in our work on SST transmissions as the use of non genuine fluid will bring mechatronic and clutch issues.


Our tried and tested Auto Torque custom designed SST shift forks will restore the shifting of your SST gearbox and ensure reliability for the future. An upgraded compound is applied to the fork, to restore the position of the magnets and we supply a lifetime warranty with all shift fork repairs.


As well as our own Auto Torque clutch packs, we are also an authorised UK dealer for Dodson Motorsport parts allowing us to offer uprated clutch packs to suit 450ft/lb to 600ft/lb upgrades.


We are able to offer our very own Auto Torque upgraded Torque Damper for a fraction of the cost of a less reliable OEM part. Replacement of the clutch damper can solve issues including rattling noise when idling, harsh gear change, clunky first gear and certain fault codes.


We are pleased to offer various solutions to restore the operation of your SST Mechatronic assembly. Ultra sonic cleaning is often needed to free up lazy solenoids and improve lethargic gear changes. Upgraded core plugs to prevent leakage and maintain consistent oil pressure, this can lead to gear selection and clutch slip issues.