Nissan GT-R Fuel Systems


On all our stage tuning packages we use Asnu fuel system components as we believe they are the best available. From their very popular 14 hole 1050 cc injectors  used in the stage 4.25 all the way through to their full on battleship fuel pump systems on a 1000+ bhp custom builds.


Asnu Performance Injector Set for the Nissan R35 GTR, these are the ultimate injectors on the market today, offering high performance with an easy installation. These are a plug and play installation fitting with the standard top feed fuel rail.. The injectors also come with wiring adaptors so they plug straight into the Nissan loom, so no messing around cutting your loom up and installing new injector wiring connectors. Available in many difference sizes from 300cc up to 1100cc, we mainly keep 1000cc & 1100cc injectors in stock as these are the Correct Delivery – Maximum Performance – Minimum Fuel Wastage.

The ASNU seven hole orifice cap gives the ideal combination of Fuel Flow, Fuel Distribution and Fuel Atomisation. The seven holes produce smaller fuel droplets that will burn more efficiently, meaning more performance and more laps for less fuel. This is a critical factor and should be considered when comparing ASNU injectors to some other “Performance” injectors.

Achieving the designated BHP does not mean you will achieve maximum performance from the engine. ASNU Performance Injectors will allow you to maximise the power curve of the engine, give instant throttle response and maximum fuel economy, all required to win races.
Correct combustion is not about how much fuel you put in the engine, its about how efficiently you get the fuel to burn and that alone will determine the combustion performance of the engine. The option of having just ONE Injector and Fifteen Flow& Spray options to “select ‘n’ injector” from, gives the expert Engine Management System Programmers and suppliers the perfect answer to meet theirs and their customer needs.

With one range of injector resistance and impedance settings for all injectors, the only requirement being the mapping for the fuel flow rate and injector off-set. Simply Select you Injector requirements and plug & play.

Price: £587 ex. VAT


The ASNU High Performance Fuel Pumps offer the quality and performance that is not always found in other branded pumps.

The FP330E pump is suitable for Pump fuel, Race fuel and Ethanol E85.

This pump does not require any modifications to the existing fuel system – you simply unplug the existing pump and replace it with the FP330. It is a direct replacement for the OE pump.

The pump flows 330 lph @ 3 bar and has both a Carbon Commutator & Carbon graphite bushes.

Price: £194 ex. VAT


The kit utilizes a Ethanol Content Analyzer and super slim Ethanol Content Sensor.

The Ethanol Content sensor mounts on the firewall and is connected to your fuel system by two stainless PTFE fuel lines.

The Fuel dampener easily accessible and attached to the back of your fuel rail by two 10mm bolts will need to be swapped out for the one that’s included in this kit.

Everything plugs directly into the secondary air pump plug which is located next to the battery.

Price: £500 ex. VAT