Auto Torque have developed three different levels of handling kit options for the GTR from fast road use to full track day use.

These kits are designed to work with every era of the GTR, from to the CBA to the latest EBA model.

Kit 1 – Aesthetic Fast Road

This kit is designed for the street going GTR owner, wishing to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the GTR. Whilst keeping the original dampers in place, we replace the road springs with a lower spring which will reduce the ride height by 30mm all round and stiffening the ride, allowing less body roll and improve cornering.

Naturally, the GTR wheels fit a little tucked in, so we fit 15mm front 20mm rear Eibach wheel spacers giving it a more aggressive, wider stance.


Price: £935 ex. VAT

Kit 2 – Performance Fast Road

This kit is designed to work with the factory struts and mounts, allowing you to maintain the original dampers and factory electronics but gives you the added benefit of adjustable ride height, like a coil over set up. With this package we supply and install the KW sleeve kit which improves handling by using stiffer spring rates, combined with our four-wheel alignment expertise, we lowering the vehicle and dial in the geometry to our custom fast road settings.

To complement the new spring rate, we replace the front and rear anti roll bars and drop links with the SuperPro kit stiffening the chassis furthermore reducing body roll.


Price: £2,001 ex. VAT

Kit 3 – Track performance

Our track focused performance kit will significantly improve the handling, increase the turn-in abilities whilst reducing body roll and tyre wear. This suspension kit is aimed towards the serious track enthusiastic who requires next level chassis handling abilities.

The track performance kit comprises of:


KW Clubsport V3 Coil Over Kit

Using the Nordschleife as it’s testing grounds and the 7-post rig, KW developed it’s 3-way Clubsport coilover kit. Wheel loads, vehicle weight and chassis reinforcements (increased body stiffness) can all be taken into consideration with adjustment capabilities of the 3-way Clubsport. Similar to KW Competition 3-way coilovers, low-speed and high-speed compression adjustment is done via KW’s patented two-valve control on the reservoir.

By hand, you can vary the low-speed compression damping with six precise clicks at the purple adjustment wheel. The gold adjustment wheel allows the user to change the high-speed compression damping with 14 precise clicks. Rebound adjust is provided with 16 adjustable clicks providing a noticeable change the rebound adjustment setting. A reduction in rebound forces provides a more comfortable ride quality suitable for highway driving.

  • 16 precise clicks in rebound adjustment dampening
  • adjustable compression damping with 6 clicks in low-speed range and 14 precise clicks in the high-speed range
  • continuous lowering
  • tested adjustment range
  • high-quality components for long-term durability
  • independent damping force adjustability with aluminum spherical bearing top mounts available

To complement the new spring rate, we replace the front and rear anti roll bars and drop links with the SuperPro kit stiffening the chassis furthermore reducing body roll.


SuperPro Anti Roll Bars

Adjustable anti-roll bars put you in control of the rigidity of the bars by allowing you to adjust the length of the arms. The adjustable anti-roll bars come 2, 3 or 4 points of adjustment providing numerous stiffness options. These anti-roll bars reduce the need to replace the entire anti-roll bar with multiple different designs.


Powerflex Anti Lift kit – upper & lower arm bushes

Designed as part of a Handling Kit to benefit Nissan GTR’s of all years, these parts have been proven and tested on both road and track.

Installation, along with carefully chosen geometry settings, will transform the chassis performance and enjoyment of your GTR. Improved grip, greater steering feel, more positive turn-in and reduced tyre wear are just some of the benefits the Handling Kit will provide by applying revised geometry settings, otherwise unachievable using standard parts and without the high cost of motorsport-derived parts.

The replacement CNC mounts also introduce an ‘Anti-Lift’ effect to help maintain a more consistent control under acceleration and load. The new rear mount and bush also address the increasingly common problem of cracked front bush assemblies, ultimately requiring an expensive replacement – over £690 + vat each side.

The Handling Kit allows for a greater tyre contact area which, in turn, provides greater feedback information back to the driver, improves traction and offers greater stability. The increased caster angle produces more weight and detail to the steering which is vital to driver confidence. Your R35 GTR will enter a corner with more urgency, significantly improved front grip and reduced understeer.

Price £4,265 ex VAT

Track Geometry set up

Auto Torque will fine tune the components in the track performance kit and will offer you a custom wheel alignment and geometry set up.

With years of experience on race car set-ups, your car is ensured the very best possible attention, to aid better performance, drive quality and tyre longevity.

Bespoke packages are available if alternative brands are required. Below lists ofsome example parts we are to supply and fit. Please contact us to discuss further.


Springs & Dampers

Bilstein upgraded Suspension Kit £3, 500 ex. VAT
Eibach Spring kit £590 ex.VAT
KW Sleeve Spring Kit £999 ex. VAT
KW Height adjustable spring kit (coilover springs) £771 ex. VAT
KW Coilover kit Clubsport 3-way incl. top mounts £3,686 ex. VAT
H&R Spring Kit £410 ex. VAT


Anti-Roll Bars

Eibach Anti-Roll Bar kit front and rear £410 ex. VAT
Whiteline ARB front and rear £480 ex. VAT


Wheel Spacers

H&R Wheel Spacer Kit £199 ex. VAT


Suspension Upgrades

Whiteline Anti-Lift / Castor kit £200 ex. VAT
Whiteline Camber Adjustable upper C/Arm bushes £145 ex. VAT