Clutch Repairs and Installations

Clutch Replacement at Auto Torque

The clutch connects and disconnects the engine from the gearbox (transmission) allowing smooth gear change and control of your car.

At Auto Torque we supply and fit clutches on all makes and models of cars. We have a same day fitting service with a wide range of clutches in stock. We also offer a courtesy car for our customers who cannot collect their car on the same day but need a car to get around.

We can supply manufacturer clutches or after market up-rated clutch kits for your Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru, BMW, Honda or Nissan.

General Clutch Diagnosis

- Clutch drags. It won’t release completely and the transmission grinds when shifted
- Clutch Slippage
- Clutch chatters when engaging
- Slow pick-up when starting vehicle from stationary

Mitsubishi Evo 7 8 9 Clutches


Our prices for fitting clutches on your Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru, BMW, Honda or Nissan are not heavy on your pocket.

Clutch prices:
Labour to install a new clutch kit and fly wheel (Includes labour only + £39 +VAT for Millers gear oils)
Evo 1-6 – £299 +vat
Evo 7-9 – £379 +vat
Evo X – £385 +vat

Clutch prices:
Standard Exedy – £249+vat
Helix Organic – £ 438 +vat
ACT Organic – £489 +vat
Standard fly wheel – £ 278 +vat
Skimmed standard fly wheel £119 +vat (Px)
TTV light weight fly wheel £249 + vat
Exedy Twin Plate HD – £999+vat
Carbonetic paddle clutch kit – £649 + vat

Evo X
Exedy/ Helix Organic – £455 + vat
Exedy Twin plate SD – £1347 +vat
ACT ME1-HDSS Heavy-Duty Street Disc Clutch Kits Mitsubishi Evo X GSR 5SPD 4B11T – £499+ vat

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