Mitsubishi Evolution X – Service Specialists

We can carry out your Mitsubishi Evo X – Service

At Auto Torque we have all the latest equipment to carry out specialist services on the Mitsubishi Evo X model.

10,000 Mile / 12 Month Service

• Genuine engine Oil Filter
• Sump Washer
• Titan Race Pro S 5w40 engine Oil
• Millers gear oil (transfer box & gear box)
• Millers rear diff oil
• Millers AYC Fluid
• NGK Spark Plugs (check, regap/replace)
• Antifreeze (test & replace/top up where necessary)
• Brake Fluid (test & replace/top up where necessary)
• Air Filter (Optional)replace or clean panel filter/induction kit
• Engine Oil Flush (Optional)
• Fuel Additive Cleaner (Optional)

Evo X SST gearbox oil service offer

We offer a full fluid and filter change on the Evo X SST gearboxes for £289.75 +vat
This includes: Castrol DIA Queen SSTF gear box oil and a genuine Mitsubishi gearbox oil filter and labour to do the job.

Evo X timing chain replacement offer

Evo X Timing chain replacement and oil filter service

Auto Torque are proud to offer the Evo X timing chain replacement offer:

Offer: Fitting of Timing chain, oil pump chain, engine oil and filter change £1057.73 + VAT
Parts included:
– 1 x 1140A073 Timing chain
– 1 x MN183892 Guide timing chain loose side
– 1 x 1141A004 Timing chain tension side
– 1 x MN183894 Tensioner timing chain
– 1 x MN183895 Sprocket chain driven
– 1 x MN183896 Oil pump chain
– 1 x MN183898 Tensioner oil pump chain
– 1 x MN183897 Guide oil pump chain
– 5 x litres of Titan Race engine oil Genuine Mitsubishi engine oil filter

Offer 2 is highly recommended if the chain is stretched of worn.

All offers include Genuine Mitsubishi parts and labour.

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