Nissan R35 GTR GR6 Gearbox upgrades and maintenance

Nissan R35 GTR GR6 Gearbox upgrades and maintenance

The GR6 gearbox installed in the R35 GTR is a highly developed and sophisticated unit, with the responsibility to deliver the enormous power from the VR38DETT Engine to the road wheels. There are however, some well known inherent issues with the transmission that can be rectified with some preventative maintenance and upgrades from Auto Torque. For complete peace of mind we recommend having upgrades carried out before any costly issues arrive further down the line.

Replacement Bell Housing

Do you have the common Bell housing rattle? Here at Auto Torque we know this is a very common problem on many GTRs and within the lifetime of the car the Bell housing will need a replacement. As a result of this we have installed a large amount of revised design in order to silence these notoriously noises parts.

Supplied and fitted £Please call for our price

CNC Cir-clips

Perhaps the most widely known upgrade when discussing the GR6, are the notorious ‘cir-clips’. These small but vital parts were prone to failure in the early MY09 cars and resulted in very costly repairs for owners. A straightforward preventative upgrade is available and replaces three basic circlips for much more robust CNC machined items manufactured in the UK.

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CNC machined from billet
Heat treated for strength
One piece design
Balanced for high rpm’s
Direct replacement for stock cir-clips
Cir-clip 1 fits main input shaft
Cir-clip 2 fits output shaft
Cir-clip 3 fits 4WD shaft

GTR-R35-Cir-clips CNC Auto Torque Battalion30five

Gear Stops

Another advisable upgrade to prevent the over-selection of gears and synchromesh damage, is a set of eight gear stops. These upgrades can be installed in the valve body, without the requirement to fully disassemble the gearbox.

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R35 GTR gear stops Auto Torque

Solenoid Clips

These uprated solenoid clips are designed to replace the standard items that can become rounded off over time and allow the pistons to rotate.  This revised design is the answer to to stop this piston rotation from happening by clipping on to the centre of the piston and providing a stronger more durable edge for the selector fork to work against. Seen here clipped over the lower of the two pistons providing a much broader area to work against.

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Solenoid clips r35 gtr Auto Torque Nissan upgrades GTROC

Sump Magnet Kit

A cost effective solution and a straightforward installation, to give your transmission added protection against material which may lead to wear over time.

Gearbox software update:

We are pleased to offer the GTR Gearbox software update for all 2008 – 2018Nissan GTRs which will bring the Gearbox software calibration up to date with the latest 2018 model. This change will significantly improve the gearbox operation and transform the way the car drives. When combined with our Engine Ecu upgrades this gives the car, Driver Control Adjustable Launch Control for the perfect getaway.

The upgrade includes:
•Much improved gearbox control
•Smoother pulling away from Junctions
•Improved hill start mode
•Holds TCM and Traction settings in Race Mode when switching between Automatic and Manual modes
•Latest Nissan Launch Control settings (LC4)
•Custom Driver Adjustable Launch RPM with Cruise Control switch
•Adjustable Launch Mode Fueling, Ignition Timing, Variable Valve Timing and more to help big turbo cars create boost at idle.

The 2018 Gearbox software with revised Launch Control is £300 inc. VAT (including ECUTek licence)

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