The 301 are the Blade clutch kits

They are a carbon clutch disc, one is a single plate the other W301 is a Twin plate. The Single plate kits come as either a cover plate kit which is a ideal upgrade over a OEM clutch and then there is the full kit, which is a cover, flywheel, Carbon/carbon Blade disc and bearing. The cover kit is rated to 450BHP and the full kit is 550+ BHP.

They are ideal for tuned road/track cars, they are light, direct oem replacement (no conversion kits needed) and easy to use both on the road and track. They act similar to a OEM clutch, with only a slightly heavier pedal feel.

Then you have the Twin Blade, W301, as you have probably guessed this used two Blade discs, in a twin configuration. This clutch is rated to 1000BHP, again is a direct oem replacement and no conversion parts are needed. The feel is a bit heavier than the single plate kit and has a slightly more aggressive feel but its very marginal. This is ideal for Time Attack cars, heavy duty track cars, drag racing etc. But like the single is behaves really well on the road, with little to no judder and doesn’t have that “on/off” feeling.

We think it is be best to go for the complete kit we offer for these cars. That’s the full Blade kit, which includes the Blade carbon clutch, clutch cover, bearing and lightened flywheel.
This kit is good for 550+BHP at the flywheel.

The normal RRP is £649 + VAT we can offer – 10%

You can class it as a paddle clutch but it doesn’t behave like one.
So like a lot of paddle clutches they can be fairly grabby or some are just like switches, this one is a lot more progressive. It acts more like a OEM clutch under normal driving conditions, i.e on the street, in traffic etc. But as soon as you start to drive hard and start to shift faster the clutch has a very direct feel. You can feel the clutch biting positively on every gear change. Like you would on any other paddle clutch, but with a nice progressive feel.

Also you notice the shifts are a lot lighter and more direct, because carbon/carbon is much lighter than metal sintered clutches the changes feel quicker due to the reduced rotating mass.

Clutch prices:
Labour to install a new clutch kit and fly wheel (Includes labour only + £39 +VAT for Millers gear oils)
Evo 1-6 – £299 +vat
Evo 7-9 – £379 +vat
Evo X – £385 +vat