Exedy Stage 1 Clutch Kit for Mitsubishi Evos 4 5 6 7 8 9 X

Exedy’s Organic single plate sprung hub Street disc clutch kit is probably the best replacement for a lightly modified Mitsubishi Evo 7 8 9.

This is the same clutch manufacture that makes the OEM Clutch. The street disc and pressure plate have a can handle power upto 450 horse power and the clamping load is 3010 pounds. If you’re looking to replace your OEM clutch with something a bit more performance oriented, this Exedy Stage 1 Clutch Kit is perfect for you. With a little bit harsher pedal feel and engagement, this is the closest you will get to the stock clutch without sacrificing the performance side of this clutch.

It is a 44% increase over the stock clutch making it a tad bit heavier on the pedal, but still easy enough that your grand mother would think its fine.

The Exedy Pressure Plate, Street Sprung hub disc and throw out bearing weigh in at just 16.5 lbs so there is no increase over the stock unit. The Exedy Organic clutch acts just as stock with no chatter at all.

Give us a call to have the Exedy Stage 1 Clutch kit fitted on your Mitsubishi Evo