Helix Mitsubishi Evo Clutch and Flywheel Kit

This Clutch and Flywheel kit from Helix has been designed specifically for the Mitsubishi Evo models 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The kit is supplied with everything that is needed for installation and has a choice of either Organic or Cerametallic drive plate material to suit road and race use. The flywheel that is supplied is lighter than the standard flywheel which increases acceleration and improves responsiveness due to less power being required to turn the wheel, making more available at the wheels.

The clutch works in both 5 and 6 speeds and is good for up to 400bhp. If you like being aggressive with your clutch but don’t have mega power and use the car round town, this is the clutch for your Mitsubishi Evo.

These Helix Sporting clutch kits are available in two different formats Organic and Cerametallic which use two different types of plates. Your vehicles’ power output will in most cases determine the type of clutch you’ll require.

Organic Kit:

• Best Suited to road applications
• Can be used for light competition work
• More comfort in engagement
• Least prone to judder
• Lightweight = low inertia
• Compact installation
• Available in both rigid and sprung hub formats

Whats supplied in the Organic kit:

215mm Diameter Cover (Rated at 518lb/ft of torque)
Twin Organic Drive Plates
Release Bearing
Lightweight Steel Flywheel

Cerametallic Kit:

• Primarily used for rally applications
• Is also used for race applications especially with a diameter over 184mm
• Can be used for road use where engine torque requires it
• More resistance to high energy input
• Smoother engagement than sintered material plates
• Less prone to judder than sintered material plates
• Available in both rigid and sprung centre formats

Whats supplied in the Cerametallic kit:

– 215mm Diameter Cover (Rated at 625lb/ft of torque)
– Twin Cerametallic Drive Plates
– Release Bearing
– Lightweight Steel Flywheel

We can fit and supply the Helix clutch kit on your Mitsubishi Evo on the same day.

Give us a call to have the Helix Clutch kit fitted on your Mitsubishi Evo