Evolution 4-9 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds

Are you looking for a superb quality, value for money, performance increase?

We are now offering our own brand of exhaust manifold handmade in the UK. We have seen great improvements after installation and due to popularity would like to extend our offer for the rest of August.

Auto Torque Evo 4-9 Tubular Exhaust Manifold with lifetime warranty.
Flanges: 10mm 304 Stainless Steel lasercut
Tube: 42mm o/d 3mm wall thickness 304 Stainless Steel
Welding process: Fully back purged, TIG welded

Auto Torque manifolds are designed, built and tested specifically with longevity and performance in mind, our fabrication process ensures each manifold is made to the highest standards using Premium quality grade Stainless Steel.
Key features
• All manifolds are port matched.
• Ports and collectors fully smoothed to ensure best possible gas flow
• Internally welded for strength, our merge collectors ensure gases flow evenly and un interrupted into the turbo reducing lag and promoting overall power
• Manifolds are heavily sand blasted internally to improve the surface finish and ensure there is no scale or contaminants that may damage the turbo on startup.
• Designed to withstand the stress and demands of the highest tuned engines and able to withstand exhaust temperatures exceeding 900 degrees C.
• Manifolds have been dyno proven to show significant power gains and far quicker spool rates

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