Evo X SST up rated clutch packs – now offered

We are more frequently seeing lazy Evo X gear shifts and clutch pack judder symptoms. A simple SST oil and filter can sometimes vastly improve this but not in all cases. Unfortunately it can come down to the clutch packs being worn to excess.

Here is a job we did recently using the 500 BHP SSP up rated clutch packs.

EVO X 500 Hp/450 Torque CLUTCH PACKAGE

New and improved 500 HP rated clutch packs are now available for the EVO X. Steels are required in order to function properly with these new upgraded disks. To obtain and maintain this power level other considerations, such as the SSP oil cooler kit, along with the SSP Pro Gold fluid, should be also considered if going for the big power figures.

*****Important: Installation of these clutches will require internal transmission work, professional installation is advised.*****

Removing the outter basket:


Old plates removed and inspected for signs of wear:



1 hour Soaking of the new uprated clutch packs before installation:


Old and new


Up rated 500bhp clutch packs and seal kit installed:


SSP has been producing aftermarket parts for the SST transmissoin for nearly a year now. There have been many hurdles along the way. The SST transmission has been plagued with an internal clutch basket sealing problem. The oem seals are prone to leak under high temps, and begin loosing pressure between shifts. This problem leads to clutch unclamping and miss shift issues.

SSP has solved some of these issues with the developement of our high temp. VITON seals. SSP has replicated the oem pistons A, and B, which uses a heavier gauge material in conjunction with a high quality VITON seal. This will insure the proper seal under even the most sever loads and driving conditions.

Viton Seal Specs:

Heat resistant up to 450F

Works in temps down to -60F

Resists hardening

Resists to all types of oils

0 pressure loss

We offer these parts and installation of these kits for very competitive prices. Please email me to get a individual estimate as everyone’s requirements are different

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