Link & Vi-PEC ECUs

We are proud to be dealers for Link and ViPEC Engine management systems.

The products we supply are the latest LINK release and includes the massive list of standard features as below;

11 x Analogue Inputs
4 x Temperature inputs
10 x Digital Inputs
8 x Fuel outputs
8 x Ignition outputs
10 x Auxilary outputs

Potential 6D fuel and ignition mapping, DBW control, 8 volt output, Closed loop Lambda control, 2 channel knock control (With windowing) , 4 Mb logging, CAN data streaming, 4 bar onboard map sensor, Closed loop variable cam control, Launch control, Anti Lag, Switchable up to 6D ecu controlled boost, Gear based compensations, Gear cut control, On board Barometric correction, OEM engine trigger patterns, Individual cylinder correction, Real time map switching etc etc…..

October 2014 Price update:

Supplied, fitted AND mapped;
Evo 1-3 (4 Plug ecu) £1349.00 + Vat
Evo 4-8 (4 Plug ecu) £1579.00 + Vat
Evo 8-9 (3 Plug ecu) £1549.00 + Vat


Drive by wire, knock, logging upgrades £165.00 + vat each
Obd II upgrade £79.00 + vat
1/8 air temp sensor £49.00 + vat