Mitsubishi Evo AYC Pump Relocation

Auto Torque are pleased to announce a new product, designed in house for the relocation of the AYC pump from its original location, to the boot space.

The benefit of this upgrade is moving the pump away from ingress of road dirt and grime, which eventually lead to pump failure meaning a costly replacement of the unit.

Many race teams that run the Evolution already do this as to avoid crash damaging the pump when being tracked/rallied

Kit includes:

A.T. AYC high pressure braided hoses x 3
Anti Vibration mounts
AYC pump support bracket steel powder coated

An optional extra – a cover in OE carpet to hide the pump away.
Price for the Evo 4-X kit is £347+VAT and Fitting price is £282.96+VAT.

And now for some pictures – Car Pictured is Chris’ Evo 7 Sprint Car

We also offer this for the Evo X



11 Responses to "Mitsubishi Evo AYC Pump Relocation"

  1. jerry says:

    is this available for the X and how much?

  2. 1990ggsxnj says:

    Will there be plans to distribute in the US? There is A LOT of interest in this as the pumps on the X keep failing,

  3. Steve says:

    Hi I live in canada and own a Evo x and have been searching for one of these kits everywhere. Will there be shipping to canada and has a price been set yet?

  4. 08WisEvoX says:

    Still looking for a late February release? I know of probably 20 people in Wisconsin that are dying to get their hands on a kit. This winter has been brutal.

    • autotorque says:

      Yes we are all ready to go. Please place you order through the contact page on this web site. Evo X relocation kit prices to be released today.

  5. MALAYSIA EVO7 says:

    Hai, I’m from Malaysia any currently my Evo7 were facing this issues. Could it be shipping to Malaysia and has a price been set? From my understanding, Evo7 were AYC while 8&9 were SAYC, so SAYC can be used on EVO7?Correct me if I’m wrong